Neymar and Mbappé make Forbes’ Top 40

Forbes published an article on the highest-paid sports athletes with two Paris Saint-Germain players making it into the top 40, Neymar and Mbappé.

Let’s start with the France international who earns $33.8 million per year, according to Forbes. When it comes to his earnings from playing football, the 21-year-old takes in $20.8 a year in salary and performance bonuses.

Then there’s the off the pitch earnings, which Mbappé earns $13 million in endorsements from companies like Electronic Arts, Hublot, and Nike, who make up most of his endorsement money.

Mbappé’s total earnings currently put him at number 36 on the list of highest-paid athletes, and there’s no question that over time he will crack into the top 10.

Now, as for his current teammate Neymar, the Brazil international is the fourth highest-paid athlete. The 28-year-old earns $95.5 million a year in salary and endorsement deals, according to Forbes.

On the football side, Neymar makes $70.5 in salary and performances playing for PSG, and off the pitch, he hauls in a significant amount of money. With endorsements from Beats Electronics, DAZN, Electronic Arts, Gillette, Mastercard, Nike, Red Bull, and TCL, Neymar earns $25 million.

There are only three athletes that earn more than Neymar, which are Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. At 28, the Brazil international is in the middle of his prime while the three ahead of him are not. It’s possible Neymar could climb higher in the list over the next few years.

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